Yaknak Projects

Who we are

Yaknak Projects

Yaknak Projects is a small charity based in Scotland and run by four friends.

It was established in 2003 following a short trip to Nepal where founding trustees Kathryn and Gavin were struck by the sight of children living on the streets. Returning home and realising how far their money could go in Nepal, they felt they had to do something to help.

As fundraising began, Kathryn returned to Nepal for three months to teach English in a village school and research the lives of children on the streets, in hostels and large orphanages. It was here the idea of small, family-style homes was born and the Ketaketi Homes project began. We opened Kapan House in 2005 and Banglamukhi House in 2009.

Now a board of four trustees, giving our time and effort for free, we must raise £16,000 a year to keep the houses open.

Rotary Club of Rudramati

Kataketi Homes are run in partnership with the Rotary Club of Rudramati, Nepal. The Rotary Club receives funds from Yaknak Projects, pass the monthly budget to the house manager and are on hand to deal with any issues that may arise. They provide no financial support to the project.


Child Workers in Nepal (CWIN)

Ketaketi Homes form part of a programme for the long-term rehabilitation of street children in Nepal, supporting the work of CWIN.

Our boys comes from a variety of backgrounds but all have spent time on the streets of Kathmandu and at the CWIN transit centres where CWIN runs a rehabilitation programme for street children. The programme aims to bring children off the streets, help tackle their issues such as drug or alcohol use, provide counselling and support for their traumas and to reunite them with their families or seek alternative accommodation such as Ketaketi Homes.

Working with the Rotary Club and CWIN ensures the help we offer is required, relevant and responsible.